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  • Known in Europe as "Lung Ching", which translated from Chinese means "Dragon Fountain", it is one of the most popular Chinese green teas.

  • One cannot forget this incomparable tea. Milky Oolong has a really smooth but also fruity and kind of creamy taste. Simply extraordinary.

  • This speciality comes from the Fujian province and is also called "Phoenix Dragon Pearls" .The flowers are blended with the tea and rolled afterwards. This process will be repeated for 3 times. The jasmine flowers are removed subsequently but the fragrance and the taste of jasmine lingers on. A wonderful tea with a lovely sweet taste of jasmine.

  • A variety of high-grade Puerh tea. It differs from the standard variety in that the selected leaves are of a smaller size, as well as a softer and more pleasant flavor and aroma.

  • A matcha tea of superior quality, in which the process of selection and manipulation of the tea leaves ends up resulting in an aroma and flavor with more presence, as well as in a more intense color.

  • This teapot, made of Yixing's clay, has a flat and low form, which makes it different from the usual shapes.

  • With a simple round shape, it is full of quality details, from the mouth of the teapot to the handle, passing through the internal filter to avoid letting out the tea leaves.

  • Gaiwan realized in ceramics, finished in lilac color, The Gaiwan is one of the traditional tea utensils, being a substitute of the teapot in the tea tasting ceremonies.

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From the harvest to your cup

Fresh Chinese Tea is more than a name

We enjoy selecting the best varieties of tea and then importing and putting them at your disposal. Some of them are not well known here, but they have a well deserved prestige that precedes them for a long time. For us there is nothing better than you finding a tea that you really like and also makes you feel good. We invite you to discover it for yourself, good luck !!