Fresh Chinese Tea is a tea shop in Barcelona. We also sell tea accessories (teapots, tea sets, mugs and more).

We are authorized direct importers of our teas and infusions. This allows us to offer a really interesting price-quality ratio.

Our tea menu is a selection of fresh tea from the recent harvests, in which you will find internationally renowned varieties due to its prestige and quality.

Apart from the sale in our physical store also we are dedicated to the sale of tea online in our online tea shop

In this page we give answers to your needs if you are looking for:

Buy green tea online
Buy white tea online
Buy oolong blue tea online
Buy black tea online
Buy Pu Erh red tea online
Buy Chinese tea online
Buy Japanese Tea Online
Buy tea accessories online
Buy Yixing teapots online
Buy tea set online
Buy infusions online
Buy Rooibos online

We hope to be useful and that you can enjoy our teas and infusions as much as we do.